professormessy It’s Science! It’s Cool! It’s Prof. Messy!

Want an educational, unique and fun show?

It’s all possible with Professor Messy’s Science Magic Show.

A first in Singapore, Professor Messy will demonstrate REAL science principles learnt in schools, with magical results.

The children will be fascinated with the wonderful world of science interlaced with magic, yet the fun and laughter never stops! Science has never been so entertaining!

Perfect for birthday parties, office parties, family days and school shows!

Gadgets includes  

  •  Milk SHAKKKKKKEEEEEEE – See Professor Messy make milkshake the scientific way!
  • Head Enlarger – See Professor Messy’s head grow BIGGER!
  • Bananatronic – Can Professor Messy make a rubber ball jump to a height of a tall tree? Witness a surprise ending that will stun even Isaac Newton.
  • Weighty Air – Professor Messy demonstrates that air has weight in a magical and fun manner!
  • Van de graaff – Experience “lightning”, get a hair-raising experience and see how Professor Messy get “shocked” in a weird manner! Professor Messy’s Hands-On Science Workshop is now available! Children will make boomerangs as well as bouncing bubble solution!

The kids had a fantastic time and enjoyed Prof Messy’s show alot…. Something different! It was also great that the kids were allowed to have a bit of “hands on” after the show since not all could participate during the show.
— Samantha —  

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