2 – 3 Hours

(Individual Quoted are Before Discount)

Decoration Dinosaurs theme:

  • Dinosaurs invites (x30 pieces) + Customised autograph signing sheet- $250 (Printing & Design)dino
  • Balloon Columns Palm Trees ($300/per pair)
  • 30 Helium Balloons (Orange and Green) + 1 x Dinosaurs Bouquet ($120)
  • Rental of ($180):
  • Giant Inflatable T-rex (~180cm tall)
    • Dinosaurs Bones Display x 2 with information signs (45cm long)
    • Dinosaurs String of Party Flags
    • Dinosaurs Wall Mural 150 x 120cm
    • Dinosaurs Happy Birthday Banner(Pay $150 extra to upgrade to customised banner)

Pre-Programme Entertainment (30-60min)

  • Dinosaurs Mask Making – Kids can make their own dinosaurs mask to get ready to ‘roar’ the party! ($200 for 20 kids)

Main Activities $300 (for 20 kids) (1hr ++)

  • Mini Dinosaurs Hunt (30min) – Children becomes little palaeontologist as they scramble to find the “dinosaur fossils” buried in the grounds of the party! Once they find the pieces of the fossils, they can explore further by joining the broken pieces together.

    Dinosaur fossils digging (45-60min) for every child. They will have fun discovering how they can be an palaeontologist as well as learning about the different dinosaurs and why they are extinct! The children get to keep this unique souvenir after the party!

    This is exclusive concept game that you can find here and no where else! (Top up $100 to get 3D dinosaurs!)


(NB. Tools like hammer and chisel used for digging will NOT be given to the kids after the session for safety reasons.)


  • Piñata (20min) – Children take their turn to hit the Dinosaurs Piñata filled with sweets and chocolate. (inclusive of bats, sweets, etc. $100)

  • Goodies Box (20pc) – Put all the sweets, fossil into this dinosaurs box. (Contains small goodies like box of dino crayons, pinball games and dinosaurs toys; toys are seasonal) $8/each

Total Cost: $1560(for up to 20 kids without optional top-ups)