Compliments for Mr Bottle, N2 and Twinkle

Anyway, I wasn’t at the venue for the entire event but during my moments there while you were doing your show, I can say it’s very very good indeed. Very entertaining and you even see all the kids engrossed with the show and parents with smiles and laughter all around. Keep up the work and

The Little Explorer’s Travels Kids, take an exciting trip through Asia only at the Asian Civilisations Musuem! Journey to the colourful worlds of China, India and the Middle East through exhilarating performances, wonderful workshops and fun kids’ craft. Listen to thrilling tales of adventure, dress up in exotic outfits and look forward to an afternoon of pure fun!

Pulau Ubin

Have you told your kids what Singapore looked like in the 50s or 60s? It probably looked like Pulau Ubin! Families can rent bicycles cheaply there at one of the many rental shops and they will even provide maps for free. However, there’s are certain steep slopes that one must look out for! My personal